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Ningbo Feituo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Premier manufacturer and exporter of LED emergency lights, LED exit signs, emergency LED drivers

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  • Phone: +86-574-87387582
  • Mobile: +86-13566557272
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    No. 546, Qiye Road, Zhouxiang Town, Cixi, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Ningbo Feituo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures a cutting edge portfolio of products to accommodate diverse emergency lighting needs and portable lighting applications. The company carries an extensive selection of high quality LED emergency lights, LED exit signs, portable lamps, emergency LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts. Founded in 1990, Feituo pioneered the international emergency lighting market. Today the company is among the very few foremost Chinese manufacturers that earned an enduring reputation in Europe and North America for their premium solutions with unmatched value that have energized and invigorated the highly regulated market in which safety and reliability are of paramount concern, and of course, competitive prices are the forever stepping stone to market success.

With a genuine passion for delivering advanced emergency lighting solutions, Feituo brings to the market with an array of products that can economically and reliably realize emengency lighting tasks. Feituo's single and twin LED emergency lamps offers reliable emergency illumination delivered by high output LEDs, maintenance-free high capacity NiCad batteries and self-diagnostic circuits. The impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and corrosion-proof thermoplastic housing provides strength, durability and contemporary aesthetics that complement modern commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. Feituo offers exit signs in varied configurations and styles with versatile mounting options, including the low profile edge-lit exit signs with a sleek high end modern look, the universal thermoplastic LED exits that combine performance and dependability of LED technology in an economical package, and the all-in-one LED exit sign and emergency light combo. Feituo also manufactures a series of portable LED emergency lanterns that deliver excellent performance, robustness, reliability and versatility to aid in emergency assistance, standard household use, and other outdoor activities.

Feituo's vision to compete as a leading lighting manufacturer is materialized with the investment of its sophisticated infrastructure that has driven the company to develop a steady flow of innovative products that bring powerful emergency solutions for today's evolving lighting requirements and are built to last. The company’s manufacturing facilities in Ningbo, China encompassing a vast area of over 70,000 square meters. The vertically integrated facilities are fully equipped to host R&D, industrial design, die and tool development, manufacturing and product testing. The full-blown in-house capabilities maximize Feituo's strength in mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical engineering, and offer complete control over quality, production schedules and shipping.

The exceptional engineering and high-capacity manufacturing complemented by world-class quality standards have positioned the company as a respected supplier that sets the standard for value creation. Although the company's knowledge and expertise in LED application, battery charging technology and plastic product development are incomparable in the industry, it's the compromising emphasis on quality and reliability that added critical competencies to the strength of the company. Early 1997, Feituo had implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system. In addition to rigorous in-housing testing, Feituo's products have verified compliance to the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards e.g. UL, CE and GS.
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